two concourse line stations among 30 chosen to undergo governor cuomo’s proposed station renewal program

Governor Cuomo held a press conference at the New York Transit Museum to discuss upgrades to the crumbling and oft-delayed subway system. While he basically said jack about delays and inadequate service (other than a quip on overcrowding), the governor did announce a list of 30 stations to undergo renewal – and two of them are on the Concourse Line!
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pix: the grand concourse begins here! at 161st street, part 1

The Grand Concourse originally ran from 161st Street to Mosholu Parkway before absorbing Mott Avenue to the south, forming the present-day artery from 138th Street to Mosholu Parkway. In this part we take a close look at the 161st Street – Yankee Stadium station complex. Here’s a preview:

[Fig. 1] The Concourse Line uptown platform; its pristine condition is a stark contrast to the rest of the line.

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hbd: a primer on hispanic bio-diversity

The field of human biological diversity (or human biodiversity – HBD for short) deals, in general, with God-given (i.e. innate) biological and genetic differences in humans (whether individuals or groups) – differences which stem from divergent evolutionary trajectories (for instance, r-selected groups versus K-selected groups). It is highly controversial, however – this is partly due to an emphasis in racial differences which manifest themselves in discussions of average intelligence (i.e. IQ) differences between racial groups. I first got into HBD when a black HBD’er (I mention his race here because black HBD’ers, to my knowledge, are very rare) responded to a forum post of mine on education earlier this year and initiated a heck of a convo. From that point, I dug deeper and while I don’t necessarily agree with some of the commentary HBD’ers present, I still found the material interesting (you’ll find a sample of the HBD blogs I read most often in my sidebar). Incidentally, aside from myself, I’m not sure if there are any other Hispanic HBD’ers…

…anyhow, what I will try to do in my next series of HBD-related posts is to dig deeper into Hispanic biodiversity – a topic hardly covered even in the HBD blogosphere except in conversations on immigration and differences between them and other racial/ethnic groups (though hbd* chick recently posted on Hispanic familism and self-identification). Shall we begin?

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