fruitless battles, episode II

About a week ago, I opined about the “spat” between Obama Administration officials and the Fox News Channel on a piece titled “Fruitless Battles Against the Yenta Media“. For the record, a yenta is a rumormonger – a gossip, or one who talks too damn much.

Personally I think this is much ado about nothing, but another article on the matter apparently proves otherwise.

I’m gonna keep this piece short and sweet since I have already stated my feelings on this subject.

The issue here is that Obama Administration officials are assailing Fox for “declaring a war against Barack Obama;” they also claim Fox isn’t a legit news organization, but “a GOP mouthpiece…geared toward making money”.

What a revelation – a network trying to make money.

Give me a break.

Honestly, I don’t take Fox News seriously since their right-wing bias is clearly evident and some of their commentators are ridiculous.

Ironically, that’s what makes the Obama Administration’s campaign against Fox News more ridiculous.

Even more ironic is that this spat is actually giving Fox increased viewership – and more ratings means more money. So much for Fox “trying to make money” – they don’t even have to try as long as the White House keeps paying them mind.

Worse still, this latest episode legitimizes Fox News officials’ claims that the President is focusing too much on Fox and not enough on more pressing issues like health care and the economy.

At least, that’s how it seems on the surface.

In many respects I agree that some of the material on FNC is farcical and designed for ratings – entertainment, if you will.

That’s why I feel Team Obama should divert its attention to more important issues. Methinks Fox and friends are gonna keep talking like the yentas they are – and why shouldn’t they? They have a right to express their opinions – even if they are ridiculous.

Thing is, Fox is hardly the only cable news network that opines on newsworthy content; others do the same thing – and those other news channels are also subject to stating the ridiculous.

In light of that, I wonder if this is a case of “You ain’t legit because I don’t like what you’re saying?”

Say it ain’t so, Mister President.

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