the home stretch

When Sunday comes, America will bear witness to history – one way or another.

Barring any unforeseen political wrangling that could cause delays, the House of Representatives will vote on President Obama’s controversial health care reform package (dubbed “Obamacare” by most detractors) tomorrow.

The Associated Press released an interesting article chronicling the history of health care reform bills – both those implemented and those that lost traction. (N.B.: Original article replaced with newer article from 2012). If the House clears this bill, it will be the first time since the 1960’s that a health reform package of this magnitude makes it to the President’s desk; the last such bill was the one signed by President LBJ that gave us Medicare.

For those somehow not intrigued by the potential passage of “Obamacare”, tomorrow marks a turning point for yet another reason – it’s the first day of Spring!

Of course, with temperatures hitting the mid 70’s in the city, it may have come early – and that’s a good thing!

Can we say the same for health care reform? Methinks time will tell; needless to say, tomorrow will be a VERY interesting day! God Bless, and good night!

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