hcr comes to “pass”

With the stroke of a pen, President Obama signed and sealed the deal for health care reform; it passed the House by a thin margin with not a single Republican voting ‘yea.’ Despite this historic moment, I’m not really excited.

Rather than regurgitate meaningless talking points as other talking heads are doing, I’m reserving judgment on so-called HCR until I’ve read the legislation. At 906 pages, however, that’s not an effortless task.

Needless to say, things are gonna get interesting – for better or for worse.

Now, the Associated Press recently released a “fact check” of some HCR (mis)conceptions; among them:

  • Government takeover of health care? Not really, since the so-called “public option” reportedly wasn’t included in the bill (I’ll see for myself soon enough).
  • Health care premiums won’t necessarily decrease by way of this bill; for some, they’re set to rise.
  • Federally financed abortion? No, but if you enroll in a plan that finances abortions, you’ll finance abortions for everyone covered in that plan.
  • Medicare will still be in danger of becoming insolvent within the next 20 years; the Medicare savings implemented in the bill “cannot be set aside to pay for future Medicare spending and, at the same time, pay for current spending … on other programs,” according to the Congressional Budget Office.

Take this for what it’s worth.


Express trains have done their thing for me lately; wonderful runs on the D train via Concourse and Central Park West express over the last few days have led to meaningful time savings that turned potential early morn latenesses into on-time arrivals!!! The arrivals I refer to are to my internship; I tutored this afternoon only and will tutor again tomorrow and Friday, as has been the case for a while now.

Given forthcoming class registration, a mini-project, several church-related endeavors, and a side-project I will soon undertake out of personal interest, it’s time to get serious. May God Almighty bless you all!

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