and…cut! mta service cuts approved

Here comes the pain.

The MTA Board approved a service cut package yesterday that will kick in this summer. These cuts are more drastic than those enacted in 2009; the earlier cut affected weekend service on many lines.

As it stands now, the W gets the ax, the M and V will merge, G service will end at Court Square 24/7 (though MTA truncated G service almost every weekend since V service began), and weekend service takes another hit! (The first such hit took place in 2009; those cuts only lasted that summer.)

My home line, the D, will see its weekend service cut for the second straight summer; this doesn’t bode well for the Grand Concourse Line, which saw slight drops in ridership in 2009 but is still regularly crowded. Worse still as far as my neck of the woods goes is eliminating overnight and weekend Bx34 bus service. As the only direct one-seat ADA-accessible link between Fordham and Montefiore Hospital, it makes little sense to cut this route. Heck, they could’ve done away with some of the incredibly wasteful express buses and funneled that money to save the local bus routes.

In the Bx34 case, I presume the Bx28 is the alternate for access to Montefiore, but that route is far more indirect. With all of two 4 line stations in the Bronx (and only one on the Concourse Line) ADA accessible, this cut is even more damning.

Needless to say, rough times are ahead for all; though I emphasized cuts to D service and the Bx34, there are many more cuts, service reductions, and other changes that will bring about severe inconveniences in all 5 boroughs.

And lest we forget, in June the MTA Board votes on the cuts to subsidized student MetroCards.

I sincerely hope relief comes very soon so we can realize transit improvements, not cuts.

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