d is for delayed: on-time percentage drops, wait times increase

As if the approval of painful service cuts wasn’t bad enough, now the latest MTA data shows that timeliness and delays on the D line have worsened.

The latest data (as of January 2010) shows that only 72.6% of D trains arrived at their terminals on-time (within 5 minutes of scheduled arrival time), down 7.6% from last year; the system average is 77.8%, itself a 2.4% decrease in timeliness from last year.

Also, the average wait time between trains was within schedule* for only 87.7% of D trains, 2% below the system-wide average of 89.7% (which, to MTA’s credit, is an increase of 1% from last year).

These numbers confirm what I already suspected from riding the D all these years – the D gets delayed too often.

While this is certainly bad news for D riders like myself, these numbers are far from the worst in the system; the B and Q have that dubious honor, with less than 20% of those trains arriving on-time (this is likely due to the Brighton Line Rehabilitation Project).

To make matters worse, aggregate subway ridership continues to drop, with numbers for January 2010 roughly 1.234% lower than they were in January 2009 (over 1.55 million fewer riders for the month – and 2009 ridership was lower overall than 2008 ridership).

Needless to say, reduced ridership and increased delays isn’t good news for MTA, which is already strapped for cash and preparing to cut service in June. As bad as this is for them, I’m afraid the outlook is far worse for us!

*MTA defines the interval between trains (“wait time”) as “within schedule” if such interval is within 2 minutes of schedule during rush hours and within 4 minutes of schedule all other times.

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