state of the d – march 2010 – slight improvements

AS OF MARCH 2010…official MTA data show slight improvements in D service – and an increase in monthly ridership from March 2009 – but the numbers are still subpar.

On-Time Performance: Updated figures show that 65.6% of D trains were on time (which, by MTA’s standard, means making all scheduled stops and arriving at the terminal no more than 5 minutes late; trains re-routed, placed out of service, delayed, etc. are all counted as late). Compared to February 2010, this is a 3.5% increase – an improvement. Compared to March 2009, however, that’s a 3.6% decrease.

For the record, OTP for the subway system in March 2010 is 70.1%. Clearly, the D is still below average in this area – alarming, given that the line is less frequent than many other subway lines.

Wait Times: In March 2010, 87.6% of D trains arrived within the scheduled interval (which, by MTA’s standard, is the scheduled interval +/- 2 minutes during rush hours and +/- 4 minutes all other times). This figure is relatively unchanged from February 2010, though it is a 0.1% drop.

Overall, 90.6% of trains arrived within their scheduled intervals in March 2010. Again, the D performs below average here.

I can only imagine how much worse the numbers will be when the weekend D service cuts take effect.

Subway Ridership: A total of 141,694,962 people rode the subway in March 2010 – the first time in a while that ridership increased from last year; this is just under a 3.64% increase. YTD ridership stands at 382,790,989 – just 403,132 fewer riders than last year at this point. Mayhap 2010 ridership will surpass 2009 ridership; we’ll see (especially with the “doomsday” cuts coming next month).

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