the unveiling of bishop michael marcano way

SATURDAY, June 16th, 2012 was a momentous occasion for the Creston Avenue Baptist Church of Christ (CABC for short) and its congregation; ’tis my church home – I’ve been attending since late 2006 and active in the ministry since 2007. To commemorate the late Bishop of CABC, Michael Lancelot Marcano, a street naming ceremony took place on the corner of Fordham Road and East 188th Street. Councilman Fernando Cabrera presided over the street naming ceremony, which you can watch below in up to 1080p HD-quality*:

This corner, where the 107-year-old CABC stands, shall now be known as Dr. Michael Lancelot Marcano Way, in honor of the late Bishop of the church who passed away last year. His legacy includes over 22 years of ministry at CABC through preaching, teaching, praise and worship, community outreach, a prison ministry, youth and young adult mentoring (culminating with the Warriors for Christ praise dancers ministering at the 2011 McDonald’s Gospelfest), Kingdom Ministries International (Christian mission to the Philippines and other nations), and more. A beautiful tribute took place during the pre-naming service and during the street naming itself. As the video shows, members of the Marcano family unveiled the new street name – and received a replica as a keepsake.

Personally, the late Bishop inspired me greatly – especially when it came to reading (and later teaching) the Word. He helped me hone the gift of teaching and recognized my passion for education (not just of the Word, but in general); we had discussed starting an education ministry before he passed.

I could say so much more, but for now, I’ll let this photo do the talking (click to enlarge):

[Fig. 1] The newly dedicated street.

*To change the quality, including HD settings, view the video on my YouTube page.

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