councilman fernando cabrera delivers rousing sermon at CABC

THE BRONX, NY – Councilman Fernando Cabrera (D-NY) was the guest preacher at the Creston Avenue Baptist Church of Christ (CABC – my home church), which kicked off its 108th church anniversary today.

Cabrera, who is the pastor of a church he founded with his wife (New Life Outreach International), delivered a rousing sermon touching on the need for supernatural revival, surrender, and control – in short, letting God have His way as opposed to one using God to get his or her way. He also spoke on the need for unity in the body of Christ and getting past the past; here is a brief paraphrase from that part of his sermon:

You know you’re in need of supernatural revival when you celebrate your past more than your present…

He punctuated this remark by noting that Christians didn’t get saved to advance themselves; rather, salvation (and other Godly gifts) are to build others up and advance God’s kingdom. In a borough with very high rates of poverty and unemployment (indeed, some of the highest rates in the city and the U.S.), a message emphasizing brotherly unity, community, and working together certainly hit home.

After the sermon, the councilman spent the next hour and a half ministering to the congregation while the praise and worship team sang; the sermon concluded with a praise dance by the Levitical Warriors youth dance ministry – a dance they ministered last week at the McDonald’s Gospelfest.

Councilman Cabrera is no stranger to CABC; last year, he presided over a street renaming ceremony commemorating the late Bishop of CABC, Dr. Michael L. Marcano (see this blog post for video and a synopsis of that event).

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