bedford park blvd IND next in line for ADA access!

The MTA, on the cusp of completing the ADA accessibility project at Kingsbridge Rd station (see this tweet and this post for progress photos), has released its proposed capital projects for fiscal year 2015 – one of which is ADA accessibility at Bedford Park Blvd station on the Concourse Line!

From page 9 of the document (page 23 of the PDF file):

This project will provide ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility at the Bedford Park Boulevard Station on the Concourse Line in the borough of the Bronx. This station will undergo modifications to provide various pedestrian access alternatives including but not be limited to, ADA elevators and other features such as ADA accessible fare booth collectors, text telephone systems for the hearing impaired, and CCTV systems.

The budget for this project is $30.80 million. This request is for $30.80 million.

Based on the summary, funding for the entire project hinges on federal dollars; MTA has scheduled a public hearing to discuss their proposals. If the work at Kingsbridge Rd is any indication, the project will likely include other station enhancements – trust me, they are sorely needed on the Concourse Line!

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