the bx41 +select is a smash hit – now send it to laguardia airport already!

From the August 26, 2014 edition of the NY Daily News:

The Bx41 has recorded a 25% increase in ridership since the MTA introduced its expedited express bus service in June 2013, transportation officials said.


The Select service operates up to 23% faster than the Bx41 Limited service it replaced, according to a new report released this week by the city.


The city is currently evaluating a proposal to expand the Select Bus Service from 149th St. to LaGuardia Airport.

(Emphasis mine.)

News of higher ridership and faster, more frequent service is great – now send the Bx41 +SBS to LaGuardia!

First, some background. Select Bus Service from The Bronx to LGA is not a new proposal:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, Department of Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and Metropolitan Transportation Authority Chairman and CEO Joseph Lhota today announced that the City, MTA New York City Transit and MTA Bus have identified the first Select Bus Service routes to LaGuardia Airport in Queens…proposed routes to provide faster, more direct and more reliable service to LaGuardia include the M60 Select Bus Service route via 125th Street in Manhattan, a new direct route from Woodside and Jackson Heights, Queens via the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, and a new proposed Select Bus Service route from Webster Avenue in The Bronx.

Note that the reference article is from 2012, so it’s not as though this were some pipe dream. That said, we’re just a few months from 2015 – and the darn extension isn’t even funded.

Here’s why it’s needed NOW: as it stands, the only mass transit links between The Bronx and Queens are the Q44 and Q50 Limited buses – both of which mainly serve the East Bronx and the Flushing and Jamaica corridors in Queens. The Bx41 +SBS would connect the West Bronx to Queens via a new corridor; the connection also introduces new transit options via transfers to the N and Q subway lines in Astoria – not to mention a means of accessing the 7 without having to travel all the way to Midtown Manhattan.

It’s not just about improving transit access to LGA – it’s about improving transit across the outer boroughs; given that all three Bronx-Queens bridges are toll bridges, this improvement can’t come soon enough.

Which is why the fact we may have to wait years for it is a damn shame.

One thought on “the bx41 +select is a smash hit – now send it to laguardia airport already!

  1. I’ll say the Bronx needs 2 routes to LaGuardia Airport. They are as follows:
    1. Bx41 extension to LaGuardia Airport
    2. New Bx49 SELECT BUS SERVICE from Co Op City to LaGuardia Airport (following most of the Q50 routing and non-stop between Lafayette Avenue in The Bronx and LaGuardia Airport).


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