welcome to my new and improved site!

[UPDATE (2016.06.17): Edited post; see below!]

Welcome to my new research hub – nerdynel.me!

Now featuring more than just my musings on The Bronx’s historic Grand Boulevard and Concourse (yes, Concourse Expressions still lives!), this is where I’ll (finally) explore topics I’ve wanted to research for a long time.

And just what topics are those?

First off, there’s engineering. While that term encompasses many fields and is often associated with technology, it’s really all about problem solving. As a member of the IEEE, I have access to the latest engineering developments – many of which are freakin’ awesome! Rarely have I ever had the time to dig deep – until now, that is!

Next, there’s human biodiversity. HBD? Oh no! That term is often associated with racism, but all it really is the study of biological and genetic differences within – and between – people. Controversial as it is, I am rather intrigued by it. Combine that intrigue with wanting to learn more about myself and you get Latino HBD – that is, the study of Latinidad from a biological perspective. As the Taíno once inhabited my parents’ homelands, expect to see a lot about them here.

Lastly, there’s the economy. Ah, the bulls and bears – and the bullshit and bears shitting in the woods; where does the truth lie? Feeling the sting of being underemployed (and even unemployed) for a time before landing my current gig, living in a borough rife with both beauty and poverty, and carrying the weight of student loan debt have all fed a desire within me to look deeper into the mirage of “recovery.” Mirage? Is it really? Let’s talk About That Recovery – and all that such entails! [EDIT: Most of my commentary on this topic is on Twitter – search the hashtag #AboutThatRecovery.]

I’m pretty excited about this – but not just this; in addition to research, I’m restarting my private tutoring business! Learn more about that here.

As for the rest of the site? Start here, then spread your wings and fly; there’s much more to come!

Discuss (Be respectful. No trolling or threats allowed; violators subject to moderation or ban. Thanks!)

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