mind blown indeed! bring on the world science festival!

As I read the latest issue of the IEEE Spectrum magazine, I came across an ad for the World Science Festival. When I went to the WSF’s site, heh…let’s just say I had a geek moment!

[Fig. 1] Bring it on!!

So many events, so little time (and money) – darn! That said, if you think that’s gonna stop my pursuit of knowledge, think again.

I went ahead and put down the $35 for the Wizards of Odds event. C’mon – it’s a discourse on probability, a branch of statistics – my favorite branch of mathematics. Did you honestly think I would pass that up?

(In fairness, I passed up a lot of events like this in time past. Damn I missed a lot – not making that mistake again!)

The Festival spans five days – from May 27th to May 31st – and every event (free or otherwise) takes place in NYC! Speaking of free, there’s also gonna be a massive science fair on the 31st – I am so there! What a way for me to begin my quest to unleash the geek, wouldn’t you say? 😉

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