back in the saddle – for real, this time

WELCOME to the new and improved (and simplified)!

[So where are all the blog posts?!]

Most of the site, as you can see, is still offline – so what gives?

Well, I finally got around to finishing the CSS mods required for this layout (for the most part); next, I gotta comb through the blog posts and pages to check the formatting. Afterwards, I’ll republish them – but bear in mind that I’m only republishing some of the posts and pages.

[What’s coming back?]

Most posts and pages on the Grand Concourse and its subway line, human biodiversity (HBD), and perhaps a few others, will return gradually.

[What’s coming next?]

Stay tuned. Unlike times past, I’m not making any promises on when. What I will promise, however, is that new content is on the way!

For a sneak preview, check out the About page.

Discuss (Be respectful. No trolling or threats allowed; violators subject to moderation or ban. Thanks!)

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