two concourse line stations among 30 chosen to undergo governor cuomo’s proposed station renewal program

Governor Cuomo held a press conference at the New York Transit Museum to discuss upgrades to the crumbling and oft-delayed subway system. While he basically said jack about delays and inadequate service (other than a quip on overcrowding), the governor did announce a list of 30 stations to undergo renewal – and two of them are on the Concourse Line!

The first of these is 174th-175th Streets, which I cased some time ago. A renewal here would be a godsend for cats traveling to/from Bronx Lebanon Hospital, which lies a block south of the station. Reopening closed entrances can encourage ridership and perhaps poach some of the overcrowded 4 line’s ridership; the station is a few blocks from the 4 line’s 176th Street and Mount Eden Avenue stations.

The second is 167th Street, the second-busiest local station on the Concourse Line. I wonder what the plan for this station is, given that a reopening of the underpass entrances is likely out of the question?

That said, this would be a boon for patrons of the Bronx Museum of the Arts – just two blocks away at 165th Street – not to mention the thousands of Bronxites who live nearby. While this doesn’t excuse the MTA’s rush-hour D express service cut, this is nevertheless an exciting development; MTA’s 2015-2019 Capital Plan also calls for ADA accessibility at Bedford Park Blvd and enhancements at Fordham Road. (See pages 62 and 73, respectively; work on the former takes place this year. MTA’s plan, however, doesn’t specify which Fordham Road station they’re talking about!)

Now, let’s see if Cuomo and the MTA will follow through on these upgrades, which are supposedly taking place over the next five years. While we’re at it, where are our long-overdue service increases, dammit?!

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