another addiction

I originally penned this poem on March 2nd, 2013 – over three years ago! To celebrate World Poetry Day, I am republishing it for all of you!

I did say – with dismay – that my problem is you
Said you would make my dreams come alive – then they died
Though I lost what I gained, I yet sought out more pain
From your lies – gilded words; fancy phrase – not for praise
Nor for love – you have none; sick of tease, pretty please
‘nother hit in the vein of my thoughts – break this box:
Set me free from her grasp, lest I lapse back in clasp –
No escape from this rape of my mind – let’s rewind:
Soft ascent tore the fence; violence came forth thence –
Screeching winds, howling flames – a sick twist to your games
Addict’s chance of adrenaline rush has him crushed
‘Twixt two weights – love and hate; life and death take their breaths
But they won’t swallow me; won’t let you break the truth
Left behind in the puzzles of my compromise
You can’t rise when I fall; that’s why you’re so enthralled
By addiction to fiction and my sterling prize!

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