grand concourse pages updated with 2015 ridership data

MTA recently released subway and bus ridership statistics for the year 2015, so I updated the History page and all Concourse Line station pages with the new data. (Oddly, 2015 weekend MTA NYCT bus ridership is missing.)

You’ll find links to the Concourse Line station pages in the History page and in the sub-menu under “The Concourse -> History,” but I’ll link to them here as a courtesy:

TL;DR: Annual subway ridership on the Concourse Line generally rose, with modest gains on weekdays at most stations; however, weekend ridership dropped substantially – many D riders switched to the 4 instead. Search #INDConcourse on Twitter for the relevant tweets in my Twitter feed.

Ridership on the Bx1/2 and BxM4 buses fell in 2015.

I plan to analyze this data at a later date; click here for an earlier analysis using ridership data up to 2012.

2 thoughts on “grand concourse pages updated with 2015 ridership data

  1. I think the shift away from using the D on weekends is because of the massive headways. The D train is pretty reliable, but has much longer headways than the 4. If they increased service on the D, I believe you’d see more ridership on that line. When you miss the train, its always at least a 10-12 minute wait!

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    1. Hammer. Nail. Head.

      This is my hunch as well. People are tired of crappy service and crappy stations; regarding the D, I’ve experienced those long headways for years – and God help you if there are delays!

      I agree that an increase in D service can encourage ridership and a shift away from the 4; I’m working on a new blog post where I not only say exactly that, but analyze the latest ridership trends!


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