what the yahoo! breaches mean for this site

UPDATE (2016.12.24): I’ve temporarily removed all photos from this site; see below for details.

More Yahoo! hacks – great.

Unfortunately, those hacks will have some impact on this site – that’s because I hosted a large chunk of my Grand Concourse photos (174 of them!) on Flickr, a service owned by…Yahoo!

Thus, I’ve deleted my Flickr account and any other accounts tied to Yahoo! – but not before archiving my photos.

UPDATE: I hosted the older Concourse photos on Photobucket; however, that site became so sluggish due to ads that I decided to archive the photos and delete that account too. Because of this, I took all blog posts with photos offline since the photos are no longer online; in addition, I removed the photo galleries from all Concourse Line pages. I will update the Concourse Line pages with all new photos starting in 2017.

Apologies for the inconvenience; I appreciate your readership and support!

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