death on dyckman

From Streetsblog:

The de Blasio administration says it will make what is apparently an unprecendented move during the so-called Vision Zero era: It will remove a protected bike lane from a major street that it had redesigned to save lives.

Bowing to political pressure from a Congressman who couldn’t even get out of his car to assess a pair of lanes on Dyckman Street installed last year, DOT said in a late Friday tweet that it will eliminate the eastbound protected bike lane and retain the westbound one.

The move will endanger cyclists and create more room for illegal parking.

(Emphasis mine.)

NYC is screwed.

Here’s a city whose politicians vaunt themselves as “progressive” champions, but it’s clear the only progress they care about is the type that lets them double-park with impunity.

Who cares if people have to die, as long as you can illegally double-park, right?

This is a disgrace – shame on the politicos that OK’d this reversal! I honestly think this calls for a protest! (TransAlt, you in?)

I can’t shake the fact that this is happening in a lower-income neighborhood of color. Figures that we’d be the first to lose an improvement. The ghost of Robert Moses lives on.

I’ll say it (again) – I’m glad I left NYC earlier this year. Between Vision Not-Zero and #CuomosMTA, the choice went from difficult to obvious.

Also obvious: the choice to nix DOT’s backwards plan and reinstate the two-way protected bike lane on Dyckman Street.

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