welcome to nerdynel.me

So, who’s that nerdy.nel guy anyway? It’s simple! I am a…

professional tutor!

Over 15 years of experience making sense of mathematics – and everyone’s favorite, statistics! Certified by the National Tutoring Association!

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transit advocate!

Member of Transportation Alternatives and the Rail Passengers Association. I’m the #DeleteTheHighways guy on Twitter – give me a follow, why doncha!


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Use the sidebar, which includes:

  • The official Web site of the Nobel Tutoring Service – my brand of professional tutoring,
  • My blog,
  • A link to my Twitter page,
  • A search bar,
  • A button allowing you to make secure PayPal donations to support my work, and
  • Links to sites I find interesting.

This site is a living extension of me, so expect it to grow over time. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “welcome to nerdynel.me

  1. Hi NerdyNel,

    It all started a few years ago when I was waiting for the L train to arrive and delays were becoming part of my daily routine. Wondering if I was really condemned to ride the worst train in the city I decided to create a website to confirm my suspicions.

    Today the website is called SubwayStats (http://subwaystats.com), and I think you may be interested in our resources. On SubwayStats we provide real-time subway statuses and analytics on daily and historical subway service. SubwayStats is the first website which analyzes real-time subway status data and presents the information with beautiful and comprehensive charts and graphs.

    On SubwayStats.com, you can easily and quickly:

    – View the current status of each subway line
    – See the status of the subway line at each hour of the day
    – Compare one subway line’s performance with other lines
    – Visualize the overall daily service status of each train
    – Receive real-time subway alerts via Twitter
    – And much more.

    I bet you are also wondering if your train is the worst of them all so please visit SubwayStats.com to find out!

    If you find the information on SubwayStats helpful and interesting, I’d appreciate it if you could include us in your blog roll.

    Thanks a lot for your time.




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