the biblical case for safer streets and #deckthehighways

According to Don Kostelec, this advert dates to 1953 – incidentally, a time when automobile use was on the rise and then-President Eisenhower’s Interstate Highway System was taking shape.

While Ford used Scripture to promote the automobile, I dare say Scripture makes a better case for safer streets and #deckthehighways.

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the bicycle turns 200!

The bicycle celebrates it’s 200th anniversary this year – and we can explore the bike’s evolution, thanks to CNET!

As a recreational cyclist, I will certainly celebrate this; here’s my ride, which I’ve had for 19 years now:

Unfortunately, it’s in desperate need of a tuneup, and its 26-inch wheel diameter is a bit small for me (as a point of comparison, Citibikes have 28-inch diameter wheels; a hybrid bike with 28-30 inch diameter wheels would work wonders for me). Nevertheless, I take joy ’cause I’ve gone high and low with my bike; I’m sure many cyclists can say the same!

How are you celebrating the bicycle’s 200th?

defining #deckthehighways

At last year’s Transportation Camp in NYC, I had the privilege of leading a session on decking NYC’s highways for environmental justice – #deckthehighways! Now, what does #deckthehighways entail? Simply put, #deckthehighways is a movement to achieve transportation and environmental justice by leveraging freeway infrastructure. How can we do this? Why should we do this?

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complete street, complete subway: a vision for a grander grand concourse, part 1

The Grand Boulevard and Concourse is a historic arterial that serves the West Bronx in many ways – it’s home to many residences and small businesses, hosts multiple subway lines, and is a critical north-south artery for motorists and cyclists alike. In recent years, NYC’s Department of Transportation upgraded parts of the Concourse [three links] with widened medians, new traffic signals, ornate lampposts, pedestrian islands, and traffic-calming measures like this one. However, much work remains. In this series, I present my ideas for completing the Grand Concourse and the subway line that runs beneath it.

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*not* enough already: updated electoral analysis

Over a month ago, I published a piece in response to a CNN article speculating that votes for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein cost Hillary Clinton the election. My earlier analysis showed that CNN’s hypothesis was badly flawed; since that time, however, the election cycle got even crazier as Jill Stein – yes, JILL STEIN – raised sufficient funds for recounts in multiple states!

With many more votes now in and the recounts essentially done, I decided to repeat my analysis with the updated numbers. Has anything changed?

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