NYTIP: enhancing the nyc subway, part 4: eastern parkway

Welcome back to my ongoing series on the New York-area Transportation Improvement Plan (NYTIP)! In my last post, I discussed the Broadway and Queens Boulevard lines, and the challenges faced in de-interlining the latter. In this post, I will discuss the Eastern Parkway trunk line served by the 2, 3, 4, and 5 lines in Brooklyn.

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NYTIP: enhancing the nyc subway, part 3: broadway and queens boulevard

In my last post, I discussed the South Brooklyn de-interlining. So far, the de-interlining plans contemplated by NYTIP involve simple swaps. In this part, we’ll explore the Broadway (N, Q, R, and W) and Queens Boulevard (E, F, M, and R) lines; while streamlining the former is trivial, the latter is much more challenging.

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NYTIP: enhancing the nyc subway, part 1: central park west

UPDATE (02.06.2019): Added more figures.

In my last post, I introduced the New York-area Transportation Improvement Plan (NYTIP). In that post, I outlined a three-point plan for fixing the NYC Subway:

  1. Enhance (minimize merging conflicts)
  2. Extend (extend existing lines)
  3. Expand (build new lines)

Regarding point 1 (enhance), I’ll begin with the Central Park West (CPW) trunk line, which serves the A, B, C, and D trains.

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nerdy.nel’s new york-area transportation improvement plan (NYTIP): an introduction

UPDATE (02.08.2019): Added links to the first two posts of this series. Check back regularly for more updates.

Over the years, I’ve given much thought to New York’s transportation infrastructure and how to improve it. While I mainly focused on subways, given my love of trains, I recently began thinking beyond the rails.

It’s no secret – NYC’s subway is in crisis. NY is always stuck in traffic. NY’s highways are a chief source of pollution and misery. Politicians blame bikes for car-caused congestion. And none of it’s getting any better. So how do we fix it?

Introducing the New York-area Transportation Improvement Plan (NYTIP)!

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death on dyckman

From Streetsblog:

The de Blasio administration says it will make what is apparently an unprecendented move during the so-called Vision Zero era: It will remove a protected bike lane from a major street that it had redesigned to save lives.

Bowing to political pressure from a Congressman who couldn’t even get out of his car to assess a pair of lanes on Dyckman Street installed last year, DOT said in a late Friday tweet that it will eliminate the eastbound protected bike lane and retain the westbound one.

The move will endanger cyclists and create more room for illegal parking.

(Emphasis mine.)

NYC is screwed.

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