defining #deckthehighways

At last year’s Transportation Camp in NYC, I had the privilege of leading a session on decking NYC’s highways for environmental justice – #deckthehighways! Now, what does #deckthehighways entail? Simply put, #deckthehighways is a movement to achieve transportation and environmental justice by leveraging freeway infrastructure. How can we do this? Why should we do this?

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complete street, complete subway: a vision for a grander grand concourse, part 1

The Grand Boulevard and Concourse is a historic arterial that serves the West Bronx in many ways – it’s home to many residences and small businesses, hosts multiple subway lines, and is a critical north-south artery for motorists and cyclists alike. In recent years, NYC’s Department of Transportation upgraded parts of the Concourse [three links] with widened medians, new traffic signals, ornate lampposts, pedestrian islands, and traffic-calming measures like this one. However, much work remains. In this series, I present my ideas for completing the Grand Concourse and the subway line that runs beneath it.

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*not* enough already: updated electoral analysis

Over a month ago, I published a piece in response to a CNN article speculating that votes for Gary Johnson and Jill Stein cost Hillary Clinton the election. My earlier analysis showed that CNN’s hypothesis was badly flawed; since that time, however, the election cycle got even crazier as Jill Stein – yes, JILL STEIN – raised sufficient funds for recounts in multiple states!

With many more votes now in and the recounts essentially done, I decided to repeat my analysis with the updated numbers. Has anything changed?

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enough already

Here we are, five days removed from an election that shocked many people. Whereas many cats expected a Hillary Clinton landslide (and indeed, she won the popular vote), instead they got a decisive Trump electoral victory; by the time the smoke settles, the final electoral score will be Trump 306 – Clinton 232.

Predictably, the Clinton Cable News Network published a piece a few days back suggesting that votes for the Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the major 3rd party candidates, likely helped Trump win. On my social media feeds, there was some anger directed at both.

In this post, I will show why that supposition is false – ’cause honestly, I’ve had enough.

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site revamp complete!

As you’ve probably noticed, I changed the site’s theme dramatically last week. Gone is the off-blue background and Courier New font theme I pieced together through CSS; in is a much simpler theme. It’s mobile-friendly too!

A summary of the changes:

  • The “About” page is now the site’s main page; you can access all site content via this page, OR…
  • …via the slide-in menu on the upper-right corner.


pardon our appearance…

I will revamp my site (again) in the coming weeks, so I kindly ask that you pardon its appearance during that time. Unlike previous revamps, I will not take the site offline, so all content will remain intact. However, the site’s appearance and layout may change multiple times while I tinker with the themes and CSS mods.

I appreciate all of your support and readership!