NYTIP – extending the nyc subway, part 5c: southeast queens

UPDATE (12.27.2020): Post revised with modified extension recommendations and updated images.

Welcome back to my NYTIP series! The borough of Queens, despite its size, has little subway coverage in its eastern half. Previously, I discussed options for serving Northeast Queens by extending the Flushing line. In this post, I explore options for providing subway coverage in Southeast Queens.

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NYTIP – extending the nyc subway, part 4: the flushing line

UPDATE (12.11.2020): Post substantially revised with new extension options for Northeast Queens.

Welcome back to my NYTIP series! Nowhere is the need for subway extension more pronounced than Eastern Queens, which has very little subway service at all. In this post, which is the first of two covering Eastern Queens extensions, I will explore options for extending the Flushing line (today’s 7 train) to fill the gap in Northeast Queens. This post also explores westward extension options.

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NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway, part 3.5: astoria and south brooklyn

UPDATE (10.23.2020): Post substantially revised with new recommendations.

Welcome back to my ongoing NYTIP series! In the comments section of my post on SAS Phase 2X, commenter mrsman gave some interesting commentary about alternate de-interlining strategies (also see this Reddit thread). It got me thinking about how to handle the Astoria/Broadway and South Brooklyn de-interlining in the absence of a new yard north of Astoria – Ditmars Blvd station. Let’s explore, shall we?

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bah humbug no more! new rochelle bike share, westchester county’s first, not leaving after all!

UPDATE (12.21.2019): Post updated with Mayor Bramson’s response (it’s great news) – see below.

After arriving with much fanfare, I received a shocking update on New Rochelle Bike Share via email yesterday. The update? An article whose title explains it all – Bike Share to Leave New Rochelle.

Since there’s literally nothing about this on the media or Google, I gotta ask – what the hell happened?!

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what american transit systems can learn from costa rica, in pictures

I just returned from a five-day, four-night getaway in Costa Rica. The occasion was my wife’s cousin’s birthday, but being the geek that I am, I decided to photograph some of Costa Rica’s infrastructure. As I did, I noticed something about Costa Rica’s bus stops that many American bus stops lack – even in transit-rich cities like New York.

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NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway, part 8: the low-hanging fruit

UPDATE (01.24.2021): Post substantially revised for clarity. This update includes a new section on platform straightening.

Welcome to my ongoing NYTIP series! Recall my three-point plan to fix the NYC Subway – enhance, extend, and expand. Though I started talking about subway extensions recently, I’m circling back to point one – enhance – to address some low-hanging fruit.

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pix: the soon-to-be-a-memorial highway, future home of the linc

Memorial Highway in New Rochelle is an excessively wide road originally designed to connect I-95 to the Cross-County Parkway. However, it only exists as a stub that doesn’t connect to much of anything. Recently, Governor Cuomo awarded New Rochelle a $10 million grant; of this amount, New Rochelle will spend $6 million on The Linc – a project transforming Memorial Highway from a useless car sewer to a useful linear park! Last week, I took many photos of the area. Let’s take a trip, shall we?

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