complete street, complete subway: a vision for a grander grand concourse, part 1

The Grand Boulevard and Concourse is a historic arterial that serves the West Bronx in many ways – it’s home to many residences and small businesses, hosts multiple subway lines, and is a critical north-south artery for motorists and cyclists alike. In recent years, NYC’s Department of Transportation upgraded parts of the Concourse [three links] with widened medians, new traffic signals, ornate lampposts, pedestrian islands, and traffic-calming measures like this one. However, much work remains. In this series, I present my ideas for completing the Grand Concourse and the subway line that runs beneath it.

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why MTA must STILL improve service on the concourse line!

About three years ago, I argued that MTA should increase service on the IND Concourse Line (the B and D trains in The Bronx) using ridership statistics from 1998-2012.

In the three years that passed, ridership patterns changed, as did rush-hour D service in The Bronx. Unfortunately, that change was a service cut…

(Excerpt from this article.)

…which is nonsensical in light of recent ridership trends. If it wasn’t clear back in 2013 that the Concourse Line needed a service boost, it’s crystal clear now!

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two concourse line stations among 30 chosen to undergo governor cuomo’s proposed station renewal program

Governor Cuomo held a press conference at the New York Transit Museum to discuss upgrades to the crumbling and oft-delayed subway system. While he basically said jack about delays and inadequate service (other than a quip on overcrowding), the governor did announce a list of 30 stations to undergo renewal – and two of them are on the Concourse Line!
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youngwoo & associates purchase landmarked bronx post office building

From the NY Daily News via tweeter @fromTheBronx:

A developer that was spurned in its bid to land the Kingsbridge Armory site has finally found a way to put its stamp on the Bronx.

Youngwoo & Associates has purchased the landmarked Bronx General Post Office, a spokeswoman for the United States Postal Service confirmed late Wednesday.

You might remember Youngwoo & Associates as the developer that threw its hat into the Kingsbridge Armory Redevelopment Project (I supported their proposal, for the record). While I’m excited to see how Youngwoo develops the space, I have mixed feelings about the sale.

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bedford park blvd IND next in line for ADA access!

The MTA, on the cusp of completing the ADA accessibility project at Kingsbridge Rd station (see this tweet and this post for progress photos), has released its proposed capital projects for fiscal year 2015 – one of which is ADA accessibility at Bedford Park Blvd station on the Concourse Line!

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