site revamp complete!

As you’ve probably noticed, I changed the site’s theme dramatically last week. Gone is the off-blue background and Courier New font theme I pieced together through CSS; in is a much simpler theme. It’s mobile-friendly too!

A summary of the changes:

  • The “About” page is now the site’s main page; you can access all site content via this page, OR…
  • …via the slide-in menu on the upper-right corner.


pardon our appearance…

I will revamp my site (again) in the coming weeks, so I kindly ask that you pardon its appearance during that time. Unlike previous revamps, I will not take the site offline, so all content will remain intact. However, the site’s appearance and layout may change multiple times while I tinker with the themes and CSS mods.

I appreciate all of your support and readership!