The 145th Street station is an express station on the IND 8th Avenue (Central Park West) trunk line with two levels. The upper level has two island platforms with four tracks served by 8th Avenue trains (today’s A and C lines), while the lower level has two island platforms and three tracks served by Concourse Line/6th Avenue trains (today’s B and D lines). Outside of rush hours, this is the northern terminus for B trains. There are two sets of entryways – one on 145th Street/St. Nicholas Avenue and another on 147th Street/St. Nicholas Avenue; a sealed exit-only passage once led to 146th Street/St. Nicholas Avenue.

The former full-length mezzanine is split in half by a transit police office. There is subtle evidence of a possible 4th trackway on the lower level’s uptown platform at the south end; this is in line with original plans for a four-track Concourse line. The station isn’t in the best shape on either level.

[145th Street Station Quick Facts]

Opened: September 10, 1932 (8th Avenue line); July 1, 1933 (Concourse Line)
Served by: A, B, C, and D trains
Neighborhood served: Harlem, Manhattan
Transit connections: Bx19, M3
Type of district: Residential
Notable attractions: Hamilton Grange, CUNY City College, Jackie Robinson Park

[Ridership statistics, as of 2016]
Annual ridership: 7,949,593 (change from 2015: +0.3%; rank: 50/421)
Avg. weekday: 24,604 (change from 2015: +1.2%; rank: 55/421)
Avg. weekend (Sat+Sun): 30,729 (change from 2015: -3.6%; rank: 36/421)

[Historical ridership statistics, as of 2016]
Avg. annual ridership since opening: 6,008,200 (+0.4%)
Highest annual ridership since opening: 11,747,041 (1946)
Lowest annual ridership since opening: 3,057,007 (1991)*

*Technically, the lowest recorded ridership was 2,656,097 in the 1932-1933 period; before unification in 1940, officials measured ridership by fiscal year (which started July 1 of the current year and ended June 30 of the next year). However, since the IND didn’t open until September 1932, that figure only accounts for 9 months of ridership. Hence, the 1991 figure is the lowest full-year count.

[Photo Gallery]

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[Last updated: 2017.07.08]

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