The 161st Street – River Avenue (Yankee Stadium) station is a local station on the Concourse Line with two platforms and three tracks. The station received a full-scale rehabilitation and ADA accessibility upgrades in 1999; as such, it is in the best shape of all Concourse Line stations. While the station originally featured glazed brick tiles, square tiles replaced – or more accurately, covered – them upon rehabilitation.

Subway service to this station didn’t begin with the Concourse Line – the IRT’s Jerome Avenue El (now part of today’s 4 line) provided service as early as 1917. Today – thanks to the Yankees, small businesses, the Concourse Plaza, and the Bronx Borough Hall – the station is the busiest in The Bronx and one of the busiest in NYC.

While the Yankees have a new stadium, the field from the ol’ House that Ruth Built still stands and is now part of Heritage Field – a large park with multiple baseball diamonds.

The station has four sets of entryways – two at 161st Street/River Avenue (one to the 4 above and one to the B/D below), one at 161st Street/Walton Avenue, and one within the 161st Street underpass that runs under the Grand Concourse.

D trains serve this station at all times except rush hours in the peak direction (i.e. to Manhattan in the morning; from Manhattan in the evening) when it runs express; the B provides supplemental rush-hour local service. However, rush-hour uptown D express trains will stop here on days when the Yankees play night games or other special events take place; on those days, MTA operates extra 4 and D service after the game/event ends.

[161st Street – River Avenue (Yankee Stadium) Station Quick Facts]

Opened: June 2, 1917 (IRT Jerome Avenue line); July 1, 1933 (IND Concourse Line)
Served by: 4, B, and D trains; B rush hours only
Neighborhood served: West Concourse, The Bronx
Transit connections: Bx1, Bx2, Bx6, Bx13, BxM4, Metro-North
Type of district: Mixed residential/commercial
Notable attractions: Yankee Stadium, Heritage Field and other parks, Concourse Plaza (shopping & multiplex), Bronx Borough Hall, Grand Concourse Historic District

[Ridership statistics, as of 2015]
Annual ridership: 8,922,188 (change from 2014: -0.4%; rank: 39/421)
Avg. weekday: 27,020 (change from 2014: -1.9%; rank: 45/421)
Avg. weekend (Sat+Sun): 36,969 (change from 2014: +2.2%; rank: 27/421)

[Historical ridership statistics]
Avg. annual ridership: 5,601,389 (+0.6%)
Highest annual ridership: 8,961,029 (2014)
Lowest annual ridership: 175,050 (1917-1918)*

*Technically, the lowest recorded ridership figure was 8,900 during the previous fiscal year (measured between 1916 and 1917); however, this accounts for less than a month worth of ridership. Before unification in 1940, officials measured ridership by fiscal year (which started July 1 of current year and ended June 30 of the next year); hence, the 175,050 figure was the lowest when considering a full year’s ridership.

[Photo Gallery]

Due to photo migration, I’ve removed all photos from the gallery. Read this post for details; check back in 2017 for updates.

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    1. Hi Jill; glad you like the page! Those are some particularly busy areas of The Bronx you lived near; I can relate, being a resident of the busy Fordham section!


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