bedford park

The Bedford Park Blvd station is an express station with two platforms and three tracks. It is the northern terminus of the rush-hour B service; in addition, the D serves this station 24/7. There are three sets of entryways – one on Bedford Park Blvd/Grand Concourse, one on 203rd Street/Grand Concourse, and one within the Bedford Park Blvd underpass.

The station is in bad shape. Additionally, parts of what was once a full-length mezzanine aren’t publicly accessible; evidence is clearly visible through the open mezzanine areas and the closed stairwells near the center of the station. Importantly, this station will receive ADA accessibility upgrades; construction is slated to begin in late 2017 and wrap up in early 2020.

[Bedford Park Blvd Station Quick Facts]

Opened: July 1, 1933
Served by: B and D trains; B rush hours only
Neighborhood served: Bedford Park, The Bronx
Transit connections: Bx1, Bx2, Bx26, BxM4
Type of district: Residential
Notable attractions: CUNY Lehman College

[Ridership statistics, as of 2015]
Annual ridership: 2,196,065 (change from 2014: +2.8%; rank: 227/421)
Avg. weekday: 7,046 (change from 2014: +6.0%; rank: 226/421)
Avg. weekend (Sat+Sun): 7,377 (change from 2014: -10.2%; rank: 229/421)

[Historical ridership statistics]
Avg. annual ridership since opening: 1,968,362 (+0.1%)
Highest annual ridership since opening: 3,102,059 (1946)
Lowest annual ridership since opening: 1,046,580 (1991)

[Photo Gallery]

Due to photo migration, I’ve removed all photos from the gallery. Read this post for details; check back in 2017 for updates.

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