The Fordham Road station is an express station on the Concourse Line with two platforms and three tracks. It has two sets of entryways – one on the east side of Fordham Road/Grand Concourse and one on 188th Street/Grand Concourse; closed entrances once led to the west side of Fordham Road/Grand Concourse, as well as the interior of what is now Two Fordham Square.

Because of the Fordham Road overpass, the downtown platform widens and splits at the north half, creating two “side” platforms; a passage between them once existed at the north end, but MTA sealed it in the early ’90s and replaced it with a refuse room. For the same reason, the north side of the mezzanine also splits. The station is in bad shape, but MTA completed some component repair work on October 9th, 2012.

The station is in the middle of Fordham Center – one of the busiest shopping districts in The Bronx and in NYC; the area is also residential.

[Fordham Road Station Quick Facts]

Opened: July 1, 1933
Served by: B and D trains; B rush hours only
Neighborhood served: Fordham, The Bronx
Transit connections: Bx1, Bx2, Bx12 (local and +SBS), Bx22, Bx34, BxM4, W62 (AM rush hours only); connect to Bx9, Bx15, Bx17, Bx41 (local and +SBS), W60, W61, and Metro-North service at Fordham Plaza
Type of district: Mixed residential/commercial
Notable attractions: Fordham Center shopping district, Fordham Plaza, Fordham University, Paradise Theater (now the NY World Changers Church, a branch of Creflo Dollar Ministries)

[Ridership statistics, as of 2016]
Annual ridership: 3,890,986 (change from 2015: -0.4%; rank: 131/421)
Avg. weekday: 12,208 (change from 2015: +0.5%; rank: 133/421)
Avg. weekend (Sat+Sun): 14,201 (change from 2015: -4.7%; rank: 119/421)

[Historical ridership statistics, as of 2016]
Avg. annual ridership since opening: 3,921,736 (~0.0%; negligible drop)
Highest annual ridership since opening: 7,781,896 (1946)
Lowest annual ridership since opening: 2,064,373 (1992)

[Photo Gallery]

Due to photo migration, I’ve removed all photos from the gallery. Read this post for details; check back often for updates.

[Last updated: 2017.07.08]

9 thoughts on “fordham

  1. My old stomping grounds – very interesting to see it. I grew up on Kingsbridge rd right across from Poe Park. We used the clock on the Dollar Savings Bank to get home on time! And Alexander’s was the store of choice! A long time ago – 50’s/60/s!


    1. Looks like you grew up not too far from where I grew up – also near Poe Park!

      Alexander’s – now that’s a throwback! Though I was born in ’85, I believe the store survived into the early 90s.


  2. Thanks for posting this very comprehensive review. I would also invite you to consider the 174-175 Street location on the “D” Train. Perhaps the station needing the most attention of all in the Bronx is the 138th Street-3rd Avenue stop on the #6 train. To really see this location it is helpful to visit it when its raining–be sure to bring an umbrella.


    1. You’re very welcome! I’ll get to 174-175 Streets soon; I’m making my way down the Concourse for my photo updates. As for 138th on the 6, haven’t been through there in a while; that said, given the deplorable condition of many underground stations in The Bronx stations, that wouldn’t surprise me.


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