The Norwood – 205th Street station is the northern terminus of the IND Concourse Line; D trains serve this station 24/7. The station is at the heart of Norwood’s shopping district – an area which is also heavily residential. The station has a single platform with two tracks; there are two sets of entryways – one on Bainbridge Avenue/206th Street and one on Perry Avenue/205th Street.

The two tracks continue beyond the station to allow D trains to relay and change directions. This, however, was also a provision for an eastward extension of the line; the IND Second System plan called for an extension via Burke Avenue and Boston Road to Baychester Avenue. The City, however, decided it was much cheaper to connect the Dyre Ave line – today’s 5 line and formerly part of the New York, Westchester, and Boston railroad that ceased service in 1937 – to the IRT at East 180th Street; as a result, the City scrapped the Concourse Line extension plan.

The station is in decrepit condition with corrosion plainly visible on the wall tile, columns, and ceiling; to MTA’s credit, they try to fix some parts of the station on occasion.

[Norwood – 205th Street Station Quick Facts]

Opened: July 1, 1933
Served by: D train
Neighborhood served: Norwood, The Bronx
Transit connections: Bx10, Bx16, Bx28, Bx30, Bx34, Bx38
Type of district: Mixed residential/commercial
Notable attractions: Museum of Bronx History (Valentine-Varian House), Norwood shopping district

[Ridership statistics, as of 2016]
Annual ridership: 2,805,984 (change from 2015: +2.0%; rank: 184/421)
Avg. weekday: 8,897 (change from 2015: +3.0%; rank: 187/421)
Avg. weekend (Sat+Sun): 9,797 (change from 2015: -2.7%; rank: 173/421)

[Historical ridership statistics, as of 2016]
Avg. annual ridership since opening: 3,597,998 (-0.3%)
Highest annual ridership since opening: 7,931,927 (1946)
Lowest annual ridership since opening: 1,417,864 (1992)

[Photo Gallery]

Due to photo migration, I’ve removed all photos from the gallery. Read this post for details; check back often for updates.

[Last updated: 2017.07.08]

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  1. Outstanding coverage of the Concourse Line! I read every article about it listed here, and I’m being impressed with how extensive they all are. Great work!

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