enough already

Here we are, five days removed from an election that shocked many people. Whereas many cats expected a Hillary Clinton landslide (and indeed, she won the popular vote), instead they got a decisive Trump electoral victory; by the time the smoke settles, the final electoral score will be Trump 306 – Clinton 232.

Predictably, the Clinton Cable News Network published a piece a few days back suggesting that votes for the Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, the major 3rd party candidates, likely helped Trump win. On my social media feeds, there was some anger directed at both.

In this post, I will show why that supposition is false – ’cause honestly, I’ve had enough.

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site revamp complete!

As you’ve probably noticed, I changed the site’s theme dramatically last week. Gone is the off-blue background and Courier New font theme I pieced together through CSS; in is a much simpler theme. It’s mobile-friendly too!

A summary of the changes:

  • The “About” page is now the site’s main page; you can access all site content via this page, OR…
  • …via the slide-in menu on the upper-right corner.


pardon our appearance…

I will revamp my site (again) in the coming weeks, so I kindly ask that you pardon its appearance during that time. Unlike previous revamps, I will not take the site offline, so all content will remain intact. However, the site’s appearance and layout may change multiple times while I tinker with the themes and CSS mods.

I appreciate all of your support and readership!

why MTA must STILL improve service on the concourse line!

About three years ago, I argued that MTA should increase service on the IND Concourse Line (the B and D trains in The Bronx) using ridership statistics from 1998-2012.

In the three years that passed, ridership patterns changed, as did rush-hour D service in The Bronx. Unfortunately, that change was a service cut…

(Excerpt from this article.)

…which is nonsensical in light of recent ridership trends. If it wasn’t clear back in 2013 that the Concourse Line needed a service boost, it’s crystal clear now!

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