NYTIP INSIDER – could conceding cuomo’s airtrain conceive a chance?

On this edition of the NYTIP INSIDER, I explore a controversial topic – the proposed LaGuardia Airport (LGA) AirTrain. If you’ve read my SAS/LGA extension post, you know that I strongly prefer a subway extension. However, I must consider the very real possibility that Governor Cuomo gets what he wants regarding this AirTrain. If it gets built, what does that mean for NYTIP?

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NYTIP INSIDER – jump-starting the subway amidst the rona

The novel coronavirus, a.k.a. COVID-19, wreaked havoc on mass transit systems nationwide. In NYC, lockdowns, telework, changes in commuting behavior, and increased wariness about transit use led to massive ridership drops on subways, buses, and commuter rail. Worse, vehicular traffic has already returned to pre-pandemic levels – and it’ll likely worsen.

With no sign of relief in sight, the MTA warned of doomsday cuts at a level not seen in decades. Given these dire circumstances, where does that leave NYTIP?

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NYTIP – extending the nyc subway, part 5b: a (G)reater crosstown line

UPDATE (12.22.2020): G extension options revised – commentary and images updated.

Welcome back to my NYTIP series! In my last post, I discussed de-interlining and extension options for trains serving the Queens Boulevard trunk line. What do these improvements mean for future G train service? Find out in this blog post!

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NYTIP – extending the nyc subway, part 5a: queens boulevard de-interlining (phase 2), and utica avenue revisited

UPDATE (01.18.2021): Updated with a revised recommendation for the Utica Avenue subway.

Welcome back to my NYTIP series! When I revised my first post on the Queens Boulevard de-interlining, I referred to it as “Phase 1”. This is because full de-interlining requires major capital investment – it’s not possible with existing rolling stock or infrastructure. I alluded to some of those investments in that post – namely, a new “K” line, and the Worth Street subway. As I delved into these options to determine whether they were worth pursuing, I noticed that they dovetailed nicely with other improvements. How, you ask?

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NYTIP INSIDER – on the delicate balance between de-interlining and destabilization

If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you’ve noticed I’m hard at work on a personal project called the New York Transportation Improvement Plan, or NYTIP. With regard to subways, NYTIP prescribes a three-point plan – enhance, extend, and expand. NYTIP is about the long game, but in order to win that game, one must lay the proper foundation.

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NYTIP – extending the nyc subway, part 6: closing the gaps in brooklyn

UPDATE (01.15.2021): Post substantially revised with new proposals for Brooklyn subway extensions.

Welcome back to my NYTIP series! Over the last several posts, I’ve discussed ways to extend the NYC Subway’s reach to close gaps in rapid transit coverage. In this post, I’ll discuss subway extensions that will close several gaps in Brooklyn.

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NYTIP – extending the nyc subway, part 5c: southeast queens

UPDATE (12.27.2020): Post revised with modified extension recommendations and updated images.

Welcome back to my NYTIP series! The borough of Queens, despite its size, has little subway coverage in its eastern half. Previously, I discussed options for serving Northeast Queens by extending the Flushing line. In this post, I explore options for providing subway coverage in Southeast Queens.

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