NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway: putting it all together

UPDATE (09.26.2021): Post substantially revised to reflect updates made to the preceding posts in this series. This update summarizes the latest version of the enhanced NYC subway.

Welcome back to my ongoing NYTIP series! When I introduced NYTIP, I outlined a three-point plan for fixing the NYC Subway system: enhance, extend, and expand. This post summarizes the last five posts, which addressed the first point – enhance.

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NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway: broadway and queens boulevard

UPDATE (09.18.2021): Several images updated. In an earlier update, I revised this post for clarity.

In my last post, I discussed the South Brooklyn de-interlining. So far, the de-interlining plans contemplated by NYTIP only involve operational changes. In this post, we’ll explore the Broadway (N, Q, R, and W) and Queens Boulevard (E, F, M, and R) trunk lines. While de-interlining the former is trivial, the latter is much more challenging.

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