NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway, part 8: the low-hanging fruit

UPDATE (05.19.2021): I will include the M extension to Kew Gardens Hills in NYTIP (again), so I’ve updated this post accordingly.

Welcome to my ongoing NYTIP series! Recall my three-point plan to fix the NYC Subway – enhance, extend, and expand. Though I started talking about subway extensions recently, I’m circling back to point one – enhance – to address some low-hanging fruit.

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NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway, part 6: putting it all together

UPDATE (05.19.2021): Post revised to include the M train extension to Kew Gardens Hills in the enhanced NYC subway.

Welcome back to my ongoing series on the New York Transportation Improvement Plan (NYTIP)! When I introduced NYTIP, I outlined a three-point plan for fixing the NYC Subway system: enhance, extend, and expand. This post summarizes the last five posts, which addressed the first point – enhance.

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NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway, part 3: broadway and queens boulevard

UPDATE (03.19.2021): Post substantially updated for clarity. Because NYTIP is still a work in progress, I’m removing language referring to recommended plans, and instead listing the options I’m currently considering.

In my last post, I discussed the South Brooklyn de-interlining. So far, the de-interlining plans contemplated by NYTIP involve simple swaps. In this part, we’ll explore the Broadway (N, Q, R, and W) and Queens Boulevard (E, F, M, and R) lines; while de-interlining the former is trivial, the latter is much more challenging.

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