NYTIP – extending the nyc subway, part 4: the flushing line

UPDATE (09.15.2020): Post updated with a more recent population density map.

Welcome back to my NYTIP series! Nowhere is the need for subway extension more pronounced than Eastern Queens, which has very little subway service at all. In this post, which is the first of two covering Eastern Queens extensions, I will explore options for extending the Flushing line (today’s 7 train) to fill the gap in Northeast Queens. This post also explores westward extension options.

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NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway, part 3.5: astoria and south brooklyn

Welcome back to my ongoing NYTIP series! In the comments section of my post on SAS Phase 2X, commenter mrsman gave some interesting commentary about alternate de-interlining strategies (also see this Reddit thread). It got me thinking about how to handle the Astoria/Broadway and South Brooklyn de-interlining in the absence of a new yard north of Astoria – Ditmars Blvd station. Let’s explore, shall we?

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NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway, part 8: the low-hanging fruit

UPDATE (09.10.2020): Post updated with a new recommendation for the Queens Boulevard subway.

Welcome to my ongoing NYTIP series! Recall my three-point plan to fix the NYC Subway – enhance, extend, and expand. Though I started talking about subway extensions recently, I’m circling back to point one – enhance – to address some low-hanging fruit.

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NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway, part 7: overnight delivery

UPDATE (01.13.2020): Post revised for clarity and updated with additional commentary.

Welcome back to my ongoing NYTIP series! Throughout this series, I fleshed out point 1 of my three-point plan to improve the NYC Subway – enhance. In this post, I’ll discuss overnight service and subway system maintenance.

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NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway, part 6: putting it all together

UPDATE (11.03.2019): Post revised for clarity. Some images updated.

Welcome back to my ongoing series on the New York Transportation Improvement Plan (NYTIP)! When I introduced NYTIP, I outlined a three-point plan for fixing the NYC Subway system: enhance, extend, and expand. This post summarizes the last five posts, which addressed the first point – enhance.

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NYTIP – enhancing the nyc subway, part 3: broadway and queens boulevard

UPDATE (01.13.2020): Post updated with additional commentary.

In my last post, I discussed the South Brooklyn de-interlining. So far, the de-interlining plans contemplated by NYTIP involve simple swaps. In this part, we’ll explore the Broadway (N, Q, R, and W) and Queens Boulevard (E, F, M, and R) lines; while streamlining the former is trivial, the latter is much more challenging.

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