about nerdy.nel

nerdy.nel, a bilingual native of The Bronx, is a computer engineer, professional tutor, and advocate for safer streets and better transportation in The Bronx. This website, nerdynel.me, is what I’d like to call my “concourse of research.”


Inglés e español – soy parte dominicano y parte puertorriqueño. ¡Además, inglés es mi segunda idioma!

[…computer engineer?]

My day job – mostly on the business side of the fence. Engineering is my life; I have both a Master of Engineering degree and a Bachelor of Technology degree in the field, and an active membership in the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (a.k.a. the IEEE).

[…professional tutor?]

Yes – I tutor mathematics and statistics (learn more here); I have over 13 years of tutoring experience. In addition, I’m actively working on independent certification through my membership in the National Tutoring Association.


Yes! The Bronx is in desperate need of bus, subway, bike, and infrastructural improvements – which is why I recently rejoined Transportation Alternatives and take part in their Complete the Concourse campaign. In addition to these improvements, my goal is to agitate for #deckthehighways and see this movement come to fruition.

[…a concourse of research?]

Yes indeed:

con·course \ˈkän-ˌkrs, ˈkäŋ-\

1:  an act or process of coming together and merging

So what “comes together” here? I’m glad you asked:

  • the tutoring. Learn about the nerdy.nel Tutoring Service, my brand of professional tutoring in mathematics, statistics, and more!
  • the blog. My personal blog.
    • the lessons. Blog posts chronicling my tutoring escapades. Coming July 1st!
    • the concourse. Blog posts about The Bronx’s historic Grand Concourse and the subways and buses that serve it.
    • the hub. My layman’s research on topics I find interesting.
    • the nook. Site updates, nerdy.nel Tutoring Service updates, and other miscellany.
  • the grand concourse. An abbreviated history of the Grand Concourse and its transportation, featuring photos* and the latest subway and bus ridership statistics.

(*I removed the old photo galleries after deleting my Flickr account; I will upload all new photos over the course of the year!)

[…and the sidebar?]

You’ll find it within the slide-in menu on the upper right corner. It includes:

  • A link to my Twitter page.
  • Links to the site sections described above.
  • the latest. Links to the three most recent blog posts.
  • follow nerdy.nel. A link to follow my blog.
  • the count. A tally of the site’s readership.
  • the legalese. Copyright and disclaimer.
  • My blogroll (top to bottom):
    • the transfer station. Sites, and people, that I find interesting.
    • the boogie down. See the beauty of The Bronx through these sites.
    • the science. Links to select science and engineering sites.

[Last updated: 2017.04.21]

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