why MTA must STILL improve service on the concourse line!

About three years ago, I argued that MTA should increase service on the IND Concourse Line (the B and D trains in The Bronx) using ridership statistics from 1998-2012.

In the three years that passed, ridership patterns changed, as did rush-hour D service in The Bronx. Unfortunately, that change was a service cut…

(Excerpt from this article.)

…which is nonsensical in light of recent ridership trends. If it wasn’t clear back in 2013 that the Concourse Line needed a service boost, it’s crystal clear now!

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grand concourse pages updated with 2015 ridership data

MTA recently released subway and bus ridership statistics for the year 2015, so I updated the History page and all Concourse Line station pages with the new data. (Oddly, 2015 weekend MTA NYCT bus ridership is missing.)

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nerdy.nel tutoring service blackout dates

I updated the Tutoring page and the corresponding Terms of Service with information on blackout dates, which are dates in my tutoring schedule where I’m not available to tutor.

Remember folks, if you or someone you know needs help in mathematics or statistics, let nerdy.nel be your guide!

on the next generation of wireless

From the IEEE:

Hype surrounding 5G wireless networks may be more pervasive than the networks themselves, but new research is suggesting practical ways to overcome issues brought on by the very methods of expanding these networks.

If the research—which addresses two of the most prominent wireless expansion methods, mass femtocells and millimeter-wavelength (mmW) antennas—hold true, wireless developers and carriers may have some valuable tools at their disposals to make 5G more of a widespread reality.

(Emphasis mine.)

New research into femtocells and millimeter waves is stoking excitement about the future of wireless systems; for me they stoke excitement and something else – nostalgia.

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the nerdy.nel tutoring service returns march 5th!

Hey NYC! Need mathematics or statistics tutoring? Let nerdy.nel be your guide; click here for details!

Honestly, I’m excited about jumping back into the tutoring mix! That cats already approached me about the Community Service program only adds to my excitement! Mathematics! Statistics! Bring it on!!😀

two concourse line stations among 30 chosen to undergo governor cuomo’s proposed station renewal program

Governor Cuomo held a press conference at the New York Transit Museum to discuss upgrades to the crumbling and oft-delayed subway system. While he basically said jack about delays and inadequate service (other than a quip on overcrowding), the governor did announce a list of 30 stations to undergo renewal – and two of them are on the Concourse Line!
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