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Promoting Intellectual Excellence.

Above, my insignia – Endless Horizons. I liken education – and tutoring in particular – to this insignia: a wellspring of opportunity with unlimited potential.


To empower the thinkers of today with the knowledge and education necessary to become the doers of tomorrow.

[The Service]

The nerdy.nel Tutoring Service is my brand of professional tutoring in mathematics, statistics, and résumé and cover letter writing. Over the past 12 years, my strong work ethic, patience, and diligence in my tutoring and treatment of my tutees led to higher course grades, recommendations from students and faculty alike, and long-lasting friendships.

The Tutoring Service is available in NYC.

[Topics Tutored]

Basic Tier

NEW! Intermediate Tier

Advanced Tier

  • Math topics generally covered in Calculus I and II courses (including, but not limited to: limits and continuity, differentiation, and integration).
  • Stats topics generally covered in undergraduate-level statistics courses (including, but not limited to: discrete and continuous random variables,  probability mass, probability density, and cumulative distribution functions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis testing).

There are two ways you can sign up for tutoring – through my Community Service and my Professional Service. Please read the Terms of Service carefully before signing up!

[nerdy.nel Tutoring – Community Service]

The Community Service, offered free of charge on a weekly basis during the school year, is a 2-hourlong public group tutoring session structured around the group’s overall needs. You do not need an appointment for Community Service tutoring.

Community Service sessions take place at the Creston Avenue Baptist Church of Christ in The Bronx; click here for a map.

The Community Service is in recess until September; dates and times TBD.

[nerdy.nel Tutoring – Professional Service]

The Professional Service, offered for a fee and available by appointment only, is an hourlong private tutoring session; both one-on-one and group tutoring sessions are available.

[Professional Service Hours – Summer 2016]
effective 2016.07.08, until 2016.09.24

No regularly scheduled hours. Check back often for updates on the upcoming Autumn Season.

[Professional Service – Schedule of Rates and Surcharges]
effective 2016.08.08

Individual rates listed; for group or family rates, use the email form at the bottom of the page to request a quote.

Basic Tier – Résumé and Cover Letter Writing
Résumé revision: $5/document.
Cover letter revision: $15/document.

Basic Tier – Math and Stats

Intermediate Tier

Advanced Tier

Travel Surcharge
Unfortunately, I do not have an office (I’m working on that). This surcharge applies for my travel to the designated tutoring area.

The surcharge is:
$0 if travel isn’t required.
$5 if traveling up to 5 miles.
$10 if traveling greater than 5 miles.

Have a question about the Tutoring Service? Need a Professional Service appointment? Use the email form below.

IMPORTANT! By attending a Community Service session or setting up a Professional Service appointment, you accept and agree with the Terms of Service.

[Email Inquiry and Appointment Request Form]

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