about nerdy.nel

nerdy.nel, a bilingual native of The Bronx, is a computer engineer, professional tutor, and transit advocate.


Inglés e español – soy parte dominicano y parte puertorriqueño. ¡Además, inglés es mi segunda idioma!

[…computer engineer?]

My day job – mostly on the business side of the fence. Engineering is my life; I have both a Master of Engineering degree and a Bachelor of Technology degree in the field, and an active membership in the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (a.k.a. the IEEE).

[…professional tutor?]

Yes – I tutor mathematics and statistics (learn more here); I have over 13 years of tutoring experience. In addition, I’m actively working on independent certification through my membership in the National Tutoring Association.

[…transit advocate?]

Yes! The Bronx is in desperate need of bus, subway, bike, and infrastructural improvements – which is why I recently rejoined Transportation Alternatives and take part in their Complete the Concourse campaign. In addition to these improvements, my goal is to agitate for #deckthehighways and see this movement come to fruition.

[about nerdynel.me]

nerdynel.me is my sliver of the Internet, where you’ll find:

  • professional tutoring. Learn about the nerdy.nel Tutoring Service, my brand of professional tutoring in mathematics, statistics, and more!
  • transit advocacyMy ideas for leveraging transportation infrastructure to improve rail, bus, and bike networks.
    • #completeconcourse. Exploring the ways one can realize Transportation Alternatives’ vision for a complete street on the Grand Concourse.
    • #deckthehighways. A movement to realize transportation and environmental justice by leveraging freeway infrastructure.
  • nerdy.blog. My personal blog, featuring commentary on issues of interest and site updates.
    • Prominent subsections:
      • tutor triumphs. A chronicle of my tutoring escapades. Coming July 1st!
      • concourse expressions. Blog posts about The Bronx’s historic Grand Concourse and the subways and buses that serve it.
    • Less-prominent subsections:
      • engineering. It’s the science of problem solving!
      • hbd. Blog posts exploring human biology, genetics, culture, and related trends with emphasis on Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • the grand concourse. An abbreviated history of the Grand Concourse and its transportation, featuring photos* and the latest subway and bus ridership statistics.

(*I removed the old photo galleries after deleting my Flickr account; I will upload all new photos over the course of the year!)

[…and the sidebar?]

You’ll find it within the slide-in menu on the upper right corner. It includes:

  • A link to my Twitter page.
  • Links to the site sections described above.
  • the latest. Links to the three most recent blog posts.
  • follow nerdy.nel. A link to follow my blog.
  • the count. A tally of the site’s readership.
  • the legalese. Copyright and disclaimer.
  • My blogroll (top to bottom):
    • transit advocates. These people and organizations are among many agitating for mass transit improvements in NYC and beyond.
    • boogie down. See the beauty of The Bronx through these sites.
    • science & engineering. Links to the science and engineering sites that pique my interest.
    • transfer station. Other sites, and people, that I find interesting.

[Last updated: 2017.05.23]

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