about nerdy.nel

nerdy.nel, a 31-year-old bilingual native of The Bronx, is a computer engineer, professional tutor, and math geek; this website, nerdynel.me, is a concourse of research.


Inglés e español – soy parte dominicano y parte puertorriqueño. ¡Hable español antes de hablar inglés!

[…computer engineer?]

A.k.a. my day job – mostly on the management side though. Engineering is my life:

  • I have a Master of Engineering degree in electrical engineering and a baccalaureate degree in electronics and engineering technology,
  • an active membership in the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers (better known as the IEEE),
  • and love mathematics and statistics – areas where engineering thrives!

[…professional tutor?]

Yes – mainly in mathematics and statistics; I have over 12 years of tutoring experience.

[…math geek?]

That’s me! I’ve loved mathematics since I was a kid; even now, I find calculus and statistics especially fascinating.

[…a concourse of research?]

Yes indeed:

con·course \ˈkän-ˌkrs, ˈkäŋ-\

1:  an act or process of coming together and merging

So what exactly “comes together” here? I’m glad you asked:

  • the tutoring. Learn about the nerdy.nel Tutoring Service, my brand of professional tutoring in mathematics, statistics, and résumé, cover letter, and research paper revisions.
  • the grand concourse. An abbreviated history of The Bronx’s historic Grand Concourse and its subway line, featuring photos and the latest ridership statistics.
  • the blog. My personal blog.
    • the concourse. Blog posts about The Bronx’s historic Grand Concourse and subway line.
    • the hub. My research hub, where I explore engineering, biological and genetic diversity in Latin America and the Caribbean, and statistical trends I find interesting.
    • the lessons. Blog posts chronicling my tutoring escapades.
    • the nook. Blog news and notes, commentary, poetry, and other miscellany. (Hey, that rhymed!)

[…and the sidebar?]

It’s within the slide-in menu on the upper right. You’ll find:

  • A link to my Twitter page.
  • Links to the site sections described above.
  • the latest. Links to the latest blog posts.
  • follow nerdy.nel. A link to follow my blog.
  • the count. A tally of the site’s total readership.
  • the legalese. Copyright and disclaimer.
  • My blogroll (top to bottom):
    • the transfer station. Sites I find interesting.
    • the science. Links to select science and engineering sites.
    • the boogie down. See the beauty of The Bronx through these sites.
    • the controverters. Links to the human biodiversity (HBD) and contrarian blogs I read most often.

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